Ultimate Tetran XTB Hardtail Mountain Bike Review

Mountain bikes are an amazing way to get in a workout, or go on a grand adventure. Some people use mountain bikes for traveling, while others use them for sport. Finding the best mountain bike can be confusing and difficult, especially if you're new to it. 

I wanted to share with you an in-depth review all about the Tetran XTB hardtail mountain bike. This is easily one of the best mountain bikes on the market right now, and luckily, it's also one of the cheapest! 

If you've considered taking up mountain biking and are unsure which bike to get, take a look at this Tetran model to see if it's right for you. I've added in pros, cons, key features and some buying advice so you'll be ready to make a decision in no time! Let's get started!

Tetran XTB Hard Tail Mountain Bike

So what sets the Tetran XTB hardtail mountain bike apart from other hardtail mountain bikes on the market right now? For starters, this bike comes in three different colors: black, white and red. It's also available in a 26 inch size, and a 29-inch size. 

Both the frame and the fork are specially designed. The alloy frame is 17 inches and has a thick downtube that keeps the frame a bit stronger. The fork has steel suspension that gives you a smoother ride, more control and better stability while you're riding on rough terrain. 

Just like the other two mountain bikes listed so far, this bike also has a Shimano components. There are twin EZ-fire plus shifters that work perfectly for this 21 speed bike. The rear 7sp and front 3sp derailleurs make it easy to ride on all kinds of surfaces from a paved road to a gravel trail. 

When it comes to brakes, there are disc brakes that are placed on both the front and rear wheel sets. This makes it easy for the bike to come to a complete stop, even when you're speeding down trails. 


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Another important aspect is the handlebar. The handlebar on this Tetran model is wider, which gives you more control and makes it easier to balance while riding. There are grips on both sides to make it more comfortable and help with the navigation. With wider handlebars, you do have to keep in mind that you may need a little extra clearance to get between trees or poles. 

This mountain bike is also the most cost efficient one so far on the list. Depending on the color and size, you'll likely be spending less than $300. The bike weighs between 33 and 38 pounds, depending on if you get the 26, or the 29 inch model

It comes mostly assembled, and you' just need to add on the basics that come with. This means the handlebars, seat, pedals, front wheel and air in the tires are your responsibility to put on the bike. They are included with the purchase, just not entirely assembled. 

Since it's made up of a lot of steel, it's more durable that other bikes on the market. If you're in an accident or get the bike scratched up from a fall, it won't damage the bike as bad as other materials. 

You have plenty of room on both models to add important accessories such as head and tail lights, locks, a water bottle holder and whatever else you may need. For the price you pay for this mountain bike, you sure get a deal! 


  • Durable
  • Multiple sizes
  • Comes mostly assembled
  • Wide handlebars
  • Inexpensive
  • Several color options
  • Thicker downtube
  • Comfort grips


  • None available, it's a great bike.


  • Tire Size: 26 inches and 29 inches
  • Weight Limit: 300 to 330 pounds
  • Bike Weight: Between 33 and 38 pounds
  • Height Limit: Between 5?6 and 6 foot
  • Frame Material: Steel


I know that this subject is pretty loaded, which is why I wanted to include a frequently asked questions section. I hope you'll find a few answers to any questions you may have about mountain bikes, or riding them. 

Do I have to buy a mountain bike brand new?

Absolutely not! You can actually save a lot of money by purchasing a used bike. Of course, this does come with some downfalls such as wear and tear on the bike. You also may not know what parts have been replaced and how the bike has been maintained by the previous owner. 

Why do mountain bikes have wider handles?

You may have read about this earlier in this guide, but mountain bikes tend to have wider handles to give you more control and balance when they're being ridden in different terrain. You need better control and stability when you're riding on a rocky path than you would on a city sidewalk. This is why mountain bikes specifically have wider handles than other types of bikes! 

If I buy a cheaper mountain bike, am I getting one that is low quality?

Not necessarily. It really depends on the specific bike you're thinking about purchasing. If you buy a bike brand new, you may pay more than if you bought one of better quality second hand. There are a lot of factors that play into this question. 

Overall, make sure you're paying attention to the size of the bike, the frame material and the brakes. Those three things may be sacrificed if you're buying a cheaper bike. It's always good to compare and contrast your options! 

Buying Advice

Whether you're a family with multiple people sharing a bike, or you have a growing teenager, this is a solid mountain bike. There aren?t really any downsides to it and it has a ton of great features such as the comfortable handlebar grips and an array of color options! 


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Final Words

So does this sound like a mountain bike that will work for you? It performs smoothly on most surfaces and gives you all the control you could need. You can take it on trails, roads and just about anywhere else. 

Whether you're looking for a new mountain bike for sport, leisure or anywhere in between, this Tetra XTB hardtail mountain bike is an amazing choice. It comes in a bunch of great colors and two different sizes.